The Financial Securities Authority main priority is the establishing of governmental oversight. The object at hand is the protection of all entities when they file for outstanding certification in different markets, especially at a time where there has been a significant growth in such filings over the last thirty years across all sectors. The Financial Securities Authority first concern is the disclosure of pertinent information, policing registration laws and keeping safe everybody that is involved that deals with the parties and entities involved. The critical part of the Financial Securities Authority is their ability to enforce these regulations. Year on year the Financial Securities Authority engage in more enforcement actions of companies and people who do not adhere to these US regulations. These infringements include the supplying of false information and accounting fraud. Along with protecting all the relevant federal laws to assure even and honest compliance, the Financial Securities Authority commits itself to providing data when it is applicable. The Financial Securities Authority does this by the assistance of our website that has a complete data bank of resource and valuable information. To combat modern day fraud needs both a team effort and the cooperation of all parties. Our aim is to make sure that participants and our clients are fully aware of the legality of their actions and to be capricious in their dealings. The Financial Securities Authority is the primary regulator when it is time for filing of release funds and in the mergers and acquisitions industry. The Financial Securities Authority works alongside with third party entities and outside agencies to ensure that the information we give is correct and also legally binding.